後処置3日目 The 20th day

医師は毎朝の定期健診の時、眽、目、舌、手の関節、血圧をチェックするのですが、今日はそれに加えて、ひじ、背骨、頭を注意深く診て、治療が順調に進んでいるので、今日からヴァスティ (Vasti) をしようと言いました。ヴァスティとは『膀胱』という意味で、早い話が腸内洗浄です。でも、アーユルヴェーダの腸内洗浄は、ただ単に腸内の掃除をするだけではなく、薬用のオイルや水を使用し、腸の細胞組織内の毒素排出や、尾骶骨周辺に集まっている神経系のバランスを整える効果もあるので、一般的な腸内洗浄とは似て非なるものらしいです。

Every morning the doctor checks my pulse, eyes, tongue, joints of hands and blood pressure. Today he also checked my elbows, spine and head very carefully and said that the treatment was going well so let's do "Vasti" from today. Vasti means bladder and it is enema with medicated liquid. The difference between regular enema and Vasti is that Vasti doesn't only clean colon but also eliminates toxins which were trapped in the tissue and balances nervous system which is accumulated near buttocks area.


Today I had the rice massage, fertility treatment, facial pack and also Matra Vasti - about 4 ounces of medicated oil was injected and I had to lay down for 30 min then went to the bathroom. This was light Vasti and there was no diet restriction so I had soup and curry for lunch and dinner as usual. Tomorrow I will have more serious Vasti called Kashaya Vasti so no breakfast and I will have light lunch and dinner. Finally my colon will be very clean! I am looking forward to it.


In the late afternoon, I went to the most famous Hindu Shiva temple in Calicut. In south India, most temples don't allow foreigners or non-Hindus to enter even the gates but I told that I was from Japan and Buddhist then fortunately I could get in and also I had a brief tour of the temple.


I found out that Hindu temples around here are only open in the morning and evening. According to my Indian friend, temples are closed around 11am to 4pm for charging spiritual power. In Japan, Buddhist temples and Shinto Shrines are usually open from early morning to 5~6pm so I found it strange because it's inconvenient to close temples in the afternoon.


Everyone who enters the temple must wear Indian traditional clothes. Also, Everyone has to remove his/her shoes/sandals before entering the temple so I placed my brand new sandals on outside stairs. A picture of myself walking down the street on barefoot crossed my mind...

Taking picture isn't allowed inside but I filmed until I was warned.


There were several shrines in the temple and different gods were enshrined. (One for Ganesha, one for Shiva...etc) As I walked closer to each shrine and looked inside, I felt very strong energy which felt like mixture of everyday problems and wishes of locals and strong sacred power. Many Indians are very religious, especially old generations, and I felt the people's seriousness toward religion and then I understood why temples need to charge its power in between open hours. This was the first time to visit a Hindu temple and I found many similarities to Buddhist temple I assume that is because Hinduism and Buddhism were both derived from historical Indian religion called Vedic Brahmanism.


This was a gift from the priest. I wore a bit of the paste between my eyebrows and collarbones and sticked a flower petal in my tied hair. I was moved that I could get in to this holly temple and became a part of it even for a few minutes.

A town around the temple. I see many people without shoes.

I saw many stores carry offerings near the temple.


後処置2日目 The 19th day



10日間続ける予定のこのパックは、パパイヤ、オレンジ、キュウリ、ベサン粉 (チャナ豆の粉末)とハーブを混ぜたもの。だんだんと頬と鼻の開いていた毛穴がひきしまり、顔色が明るくなってきました。肌はその人の生活習慣や体調を映しだす鏡だと聞いたことがあります。ここに来てから、規則正しい生活をして、油控えめのベジタリアンの食事をし、毎日のマッサージを受けて、体内から毒素を全て排出し、お酒や甘いものは一切とらず、毎日8時間眠り、アーユルヴェーダのパックを受けているかいがあって、肌がすごくきれいになりました(きれいにならないわけないか!)。


I felt energetic today so I did exercise for 1h in the morning and late afternoon. I wanted to go shopping for Indian dresses but all stores were closed on Sunday so I stayed in the hotel.

I had milk rice porridge massage (this sounds really weired in writing), fertility treatment and facial pack. The time passes very fast and I have only 9 more days to go.

As always, I had soup and curry for lunch

Again, I had soup and curry for dinner


後処置1日目 The 18th day


This morning I felt much better than past two days so I worked out for 45 min. Finally the post-treatment started from today. I have been taking 30 days rejuvenation therapy called Panchakarma which doesn't only eliminate disease-causing toxins but also revitalizes tissues, internal organs and born marrow.

後処置のイメージ Post-treatment is performed like this


The post-treatment started with oil massage from head to toe. After that, two therapists rubbed my body with cooked rice in milk which was tied up in linen bags(Kizhis); they looked like small balls with handles. During the treatment, the therapists dipped the bags into warm milk constantly to make sure that they were warm all the time. The treatment room was filled with the gentle and sweet aroma of milk and rice. I felt weired in the beginning but soon I started to enjoy the soggy texture of the rice porridge on my skin.


The post-treatment is mainly for recovering and rejuvenation of the body. Besides the rice treatment, I also had fertility and facial treatments.

マッサージなどの治療は気持ちがよくてとても快適なのですが、問題は食事です。メニューは豊富ですが、ほぼ全部、病院食のようなカレーなので、一ヶ月食べ続けるのはきつい・・・。 でも、日本の病院食でもきついと思うけど・・・。

The treatments are very nice and relaxing but I am tired of eating Indian food all the time. There are some Ayurveda international dishes but most of them are not very good.


集中治療最終日 The 17th day


Today was the last day of my intensive treatment (oil pouring). The fertility treatment and facial mask will continue as usual. I didn't mention this before but the intensive treatment started with a prayer to the god of Ayurveda "Dhanvantari" and all therapists purified their bodies, my body and the wooden bed with the smoke of burned incense. Today the therapists prepared offerings to the god and the treatment ended with the same purification. I love mysterious ceremonies like this.

The god of Ayurveda "Dhanvantari"

A therapist burned some incenses like this


I started taking medicated ghee(Indian butter) with warm milk before going to bed because I have a stomach problem. During the detox, digestive system becomes weak so the doctor recommends me to eat less than 1000 calories a day but I drink this oily drink so unfortunately I don't lose any weight.


集中治療9日目 The 16th day

今日は朝からだるくて、毎朝ジムで行っている30分の運動やヨガ、軽いストレッチさえもする気力がなくて、ちょっとびっくり。なので、つまらないけれど一日中部屋でゴロゴロしていました。集中治療で体が弱っているらしく、元から低血圧(100, 70)だけれど、今日はさらに低い100, 60なので歩くとめまいがします。午後からは昨日と同じく3つのトリートメントを受けました。時がたつのは早いもので、明日で集中治療が終了します。

I have been very tired since this morning. I didn't have energy to do morning exercise in the gym or do yoga. I couldn't even do stretching exercise. So I stayed in my room all day although I was bored but I was dizzy so couldn't go out. My body is weak because of the intensive treatment. My blood pressure is usually low-normal range(100-70) but today is even lower, 100-60 which is almost borderline-low range. I had the same three treatments as yesterday. The doctor told me that tomorrow will be my last day of the intensive treatment. The time passes very fast.


The intensive treatment is performed like this. Actually I wear only a disposable loincloth and brow band during the treatment. I was shy in the beginning but now I don't mind being totally naked in front of the six therapists.

朝ごはんは、甘酸っぱいスイートポテトのような味の、蒸しバナナとシリアル Breakfast was steamed banana and muesli

Lunch was papaya, ginger and honey salad and


Veg balls curry. I am tired of eating curry every day and also I don't want to eat Indian rice or bread anymore. I miss high quality Japanese sticky rice and taste of soy sauce. When I miss soy sauce, I feel very Japanese.


集中治療8日目 The 15th day



I had the same three treatments as yesterday. The oil pouring treatment, the oil is absorbed into beyond the seven layers of the skin, right down to bone marrow and it removes toxin which can cause all kinds of disease. I felt tired all day and I had no energy to go out. It seems like my body knows when to rest.

夕方はインドの病院食のような、アーユルヴェーダの料理教室が開かれ、カレー、スープ、野菜炒めなどの作り方を学びました。味のベースは野菜のスープストック(又は水)と塩だけ。カレーは、少量のオリーブオイルを熱して、マスタードシード、玉葱(ニンニクと生姜は好みで入れる)で香りを出し、好きな野菜を入れて、一つまみの塩を加え、最後にクミンやターメリック(ウコン)パウダーで味を調整するというシンプルなレシピでした。 アーユルヴェーダは肉や魚を食べることに反対はしていませんが、デトックス中は消化器官が弱まるので、野菜のみ食べることが許されています。


In the late afternoon, I learned how to cook Ayurveda food which is like Indian hospital food. It was very simple, almost all tastes come from vegetables, veg soup stock (or water) and salt. To make Curries, add small amount of olive oil in a pan, add 1tsp of mustard seed and wait until it is hot, then add chopped onion (adding garlic and/or ginger is option) then add any veg and a pinch of salt. Before serving, add cumin powder for taste. Ayurveda is not against eating meat and fish but during the treatment, patients' digestive system become sensitive so we are allowed to eat only vegetables.

習った料理 I learned these dishes


集中治療7日目 The 14th day

今日も1時間半のオイルを体にかけるトリートメント、30分の不妊治療、1時間の顔のパックを行いました。なんだかんだで、集中治療中も毎日外に遊びに行っています。今日は高級なインド民族衣装店にいってみました。庶民が行くような店、ちょっと値段が高めの店、お金持ちのみが行く高級店と、全ての店で洋服を買ってみて、安物はすぐに色落ちして、洗うとへたる、高級なモノは良質でデザインが抜群に良いことに気が付きました。 高級店とはいっても、インドは物価が安いので、普通のサリーは約3~5千円、凝った刺繍や飾りが施されたサリーでも1~2万円で買えます。

I should not go out during the intensive treatment but it's too boring to stay in the hotel so I go out everyday. Today I went to an expensive Indian traditional clothing store called Kalyan Kendra. I bought Indian dresses in a normal store, a little pricy store and the expensive store. I love the quality and the design of the expensive store.

高級な民族衣装店 Kalyan Kendra

デザインもおしゃれ A cute sari

町の様子 Downtown Calicut

Little boys were selling small toys on a street


集中治療6日目 The 13th day


I had the daily oil treatment for 1.5h, fertility treatment for 30 min and also facial mask for 1h. I felt very tired all day. According to the doctor, during the detox process, my immune system is weakened so it is normal to feel tired. I can catch flu and cold easily so I should stay inside and rest well.


But I went to a nearby organic store in the evening.

ヘアオイル Hair oil

手作りのランプシェード等 Hand made lamp shade and etc..

岩塩は1kgで140円。スイスで買うと値段はこの20倍!Rock salt is about $1.5/kg. In Switzerland the price is 20 times more!


I walked only 10 min but I was sooooo tired and about to pass out. I should have listened my doctor's advice.


集中治療5日目 The 12th day


I was energetic this morning but after the usual oil treatment at 11am, I felt dull and tired. Was this because I had gone to shopping two days in a row? Or because today was about in the middle of the intensive treatment? Or I surfed on the Internet too much last night?


Today there was a facial treatment along with the daily oil and fertility treatments. A therapist applied brownish-red herb paste on my face and I had to sit still for one hour. When I was wearing the mask, somehow my head was heavy and I felt even more tired.

今日のランチはロールキャベツとホウレン草ソース。中身は米、豆、野菜。Today's lunch was Dolma w/ spinach sauce. Rice, beans and vegs are wrapped in cabbage. It was like a cabbage burrito.


集中治療4日目 The 11th day


These six therapists take care of me during the intensive treatment. I lay down on the wooden bed and they pour warm oil all over me and rub my body gently to help the absorption of the oil into my skin. I feel like being a princess during the treatment.



Today a very unusual fertility treatment was started after the daily oil treatment. A therapist inserted a thin tube in my private place and injected 100cc of medicated ghee which I used drink every morning the first six days. After the ghee is injected, I had to lay down for 30 min. I imagined the warm ghee was slowly absorbed in my body and gradually healing whatever the wrong things in my body and soul.

Ayurveda believes the fundamental sameness of self and nature. This is the main difference from allopathic medicines of the West. The allopathic medicines depend on finding out what's ailing you and then killing it. Ayurveda looks at the whole patient: disease is regarded as a symptom of imbalance, so Ayurveda treats the imbalance, not the disease.

After getting the treatment for 2 weeks, I am convinced that Ayurveda is the ultimate medicine.


Two of the detox members finished their treatments today and they will leave tomorrow. So we had farewell dinner all together.

ここ2週間で、すっかりインドナイズされた私。I have been staying in India for two weeks and I already feel comfortable in Indian traditional clothes.


集中治療3日目 The 10th day


The intensive treatment is still going on so I should stay calmly in my room. It is really boring to do nothing but breathing. When I think that I shouldn't go out, I really feel like going out. The feeling became very strong so I hopped in to an auto (a small taxi without doors or windows) and went to the town with the English lady who is also taking the same treatment.

ストレス解消には、やりたいことをやるのが一番!と、自分に言い訳しながらショッピング。禁止されている事って、なんで無性にやりたくなるんだろう? 禁止されている事をすると、何で楽しいんだろう?


I told myself that shopping made me relax so it was good to go out. I really enjoyed today's shopping although I just bought one shirt. I wonder why doing prohibited things is pleasurable.

I had the same oil pouring treatment late afternoon. After that, the doctor asked me to come to his room to discuss about one thing. I thought he was going to warn me about shopping but he just wanted to change my treatment time for tomorrow. I was relieved.

町の様子 The downtown of Calicut


集中治療2日目 The 9th day


Today was the 2nd day of the intensive treatment. I had the same oil treatment as yesterday. During the intensive treatment, I shouldn't go outside, shouldn't read, shouldn't watch TV, shouldn't use computer, etc....there are so many shouldn't things to do. The time passes very slowly when there is nothing to do. I was very bored so I practiced breathing exercises in the morning and then, wrote blog entries and read a book about Ayurveda.


I had Upma for breakfast. It was like cous cous


Dinner was green banana curry. It tasted like potatoes which are not included in Ayurveda menu. According to the doctor, potatoes are not good for people with digestive problems.


集中治療1日目 The 8th day


I started the intensive treatment "Dhara" from today. It was very unusual. It started with light massage on my head and face. Then Six therapists poured warm medicated oil on my whole body and cold oil on my forehead to head for 1h continuously. First, I sat down on the wooden bed and the therapists poured the oil on my back. After I laid down and the oil continued to be poured on my forehead and whole body. It was a totally new experience and I felt like taking oil bath.


According to recent reserches, this treatment called "Shirodhara" increases flow of oxygen to the brain and nourishes the newvous system. This treatment is about 20 to 40 min.


Main treatment called Dhara. Pouring warm oil all over the body except the face and rubbing the oil into the skin. This treatment is about 50 min.


After the oil treatment, one of the therapists washed my body with herb paste and water. I was just laying down but I was tired and felt dizzy after the treatment.

夕飯はドラムスティックという野菜のカレー。一見フキのようですが、中には柔らかい種がはいっているので、皮は残して中身だけナイフでしごいて食べました。 Dinner was drumstick curry (special Indian veg curry)

The view from my room. Recently it has been sunny and very hot.


治療休憩中3 Detox break 3


Yesterday, I went to upscale boutiques and shopping mall with a chauffeur so today I walked to the town to check out local people. In India, almost all women wear traditional dresses such as saris or salwars (you see some exceptions in big cities, such as New Delhi and Mumbai)so locals stare people with western clothes. Yesterday I felt uncomfortable with being stared at. So today I wore a salwar so less people looked at me on the streets.

ガード下は憩いの場 People were relaxing under an overpass

A mountain of coconut shells in front of a banana chips shop

There is no traffic lights in this town so at busy area, police men direct the traffic.

洋品店。サリーやサルワーは広げてみないと柄がわからないので、常に洋服屋内には布が散乱しています。People unfold saris and salwars before buying them so most clothing stores are messy.

I bought two sets of salwars and paid 900 puree (about $20)


I walked as far as I could and took an Auto (small taxi) to go back to my hotel. The ride was 5 min and I paid 10 rupee (about $0.20). In Tokyo, as soon as you get in to a taxi, you will be charged about $7.5 for first 2km. What a difference!


治療休憩中2 Detox break 2


I didn't have any treatment today but still maintained the orderly lifestyle. I woke up at 6am and took the medication and from 7am to 8am I practiced pranayama which is breathing techniques used in Yoga. Pranayama is believed to remove toxin from one's body just by using its technique.

昼ごはんは、バナナの花のカレー(茶色)と、ダルと呼ばれるレンズマメのカレー(黄色) I had banana flower curry (brown) and lentil curry called Dal (yellow)

バナナの花はこんなに大きかった!皮をむいて、中身を茹でてから炒めるそうです。 A banana flower was bigger than I thought! To make the curry, peel the skin and boil the inside and stir fry it with ginger and spices.

午後はショッピングモールに行ってみたら、近代的な普通のモールでつまらなかった。 In the afternoon, I went to a nearby shopping mall. It was too modern and boring.

ちょっとおしゃれっぽい男性用洋品店。男性も布を腰に巻きつけるのが一般的なようです。 In India, men also wear long clothes instead of wearing pants.


I ordered a veg burger for dinner but it didn't look like regular hamburger at all so it was a bit disappointing.


治療休憩中1 Detox break 1


Before coming to India, many people told me about hygiene problems of this country so I was a little worried about it. By walking through this town, I thought that I could handle the uncleanliness of India without any problem. Later I found out that this was an upscale area of Calicut so many high-paid people live here. Yeah...I kind of knew that...

There are some clean and big houses but...

ほとんどはこんな感じ Most houses look like these

かわいい文房具屋さん A stationery store

ミスカル・モスク(イスラム教寺院)。たまたまここで出会った地元のおじさんが町を案内してくれました。 MiskHal Mosque. I met this local guy coincidentally here and he gave me a tour around this town.


When I take scenic photos in this town, often local people ask me to take pictures of them. Then after I show the pictures of them on my digital camera monitor, they seem very happy. I don't mind it at all but I found that it's a bit strange.